Acoustic Music Night: First Wednesday of each month
Acoustic Session: Second Friday of each month
Instrumental Acoustic Session: Last Friday of each month

See below for further details...

For more details regarding who's playing at the next Acoustic Music Night:

The Moorcock Inn has for several years now played host to the

organised by Andrew and Elaine Clayton

The "Acoustic Music Night" includes a different featured artist or band and 
takes place on the first Wednesday of each month starting around 8pm. The evening is 
always open to other singers/musicians so if you would like to perform, come along!

The Moorcock Acoustic Session Night!

2nd Friday of each month at 8.30
A completely informal gathering of musicians and spectators
Everyone welcome
No admission

The Instrumental Session

Similar format to the acoustic session night.
The difference being that is an instrumental session so there will be no singing
Also starts at 8.30pm but on the last Friday of each month

Any questions, or 01282614186