For anyone fancying a stroll round the countryside near us, 
here's a bit of info to help you plan any routes

Along Gisburn Road close to the Moorcock Inn, Blacko, looking towards Lower Admergill and then onto Roughlee & Barley
Above: A view from the A682 that passes the restaurant. This photo is taken some two hundred yards 
from the restaurant and looks down from Upper to Lower Admergill 
in the direction of Roughlee and Barley (See point 2 on the map below).

A view from Lower Admergill at the edge of Admergill Water looking 
north-east towards the A682 and The Moorcock (point 1 on the map)

A view from the entrance to the Moorcock looking roughly northwards towards the beginning of the trail 
leading to Gisburn Old Road and Weets Hill/Barnoldswick (point 3 on the map below).

Red lines indicate well-used walking trails around the Moorcock Inn. Numbers indicate points
as described by the photos above. To the south and west lie Downham, Roughlee, Barley, Blacko, & Barrowford. 
The the north and east lie Weets Hill and Barnoldswick, Earby, Foulridge, Salterforth & Earby.

Please note that Gisburn Old Road, lying to the rear of the restaurant and running parallel to the A682 main road, 
can be accessed by two different points at this location: From point 3 on the map and also from an access road, 
the beginning of which is located between the restaurant and point 2 on the map.

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