Main Courses
please note this is simply a sample menu and main courses 
will change  from one week to the next.
- the pies of course are here to stay!

Our Traditional Homemade Pies

Steak and Kidney 7.95
Minced Meat and Onion 7.50
Cheddar Cheese and Onion 7.25

All our pies are made with our special shortcrust pastry and are served in a rich gravy, chips or potatoes and seasonal vegetables

Open Steak Sandwich 9.50
Pan-fried steak topped with fried onions and served 
over warm bloomer bread with a salad and chips

Quality  Pan-fried Bowland Rump Steak 15.95
Rump steak pan-fried in a either a mushroom and red wine sauce or  our creamy peppercorn sauce and served with battered onion rings, mushrooms and fried tomato with chips or potatoes and seasonal vegetables

Corn Beef Hash 7.50
Seasoned potatoes sautéed  with savoy cabbage and 
corned beef and served with pickled beetroot and gravy

Scottish Salmon Fillet with Lemon & Rosemary 10.95
A well-seasoned salmon fillet cooked to perfection and 
grilled in a lemon and rosemary butter, served with 
chips or new potatoes and seasonal vegetables

Scampi & Salad 9.50
Whole-tailed scampi coated in breadcrumbs, fried and 
served with tartar sauce and a  fresh salad and chips

Homemade Seafood Lasagne 8.95
A blend of mussels, salmon and prawns cooked in a creamy sauce and 
served as a lasagne with  slices of toasted garlic and oregano bread

Chicken, Ham & Cheese 10.95
A lean chicken breast cooked and seared in black peppercorns, 
wrapped with Bavarian smoked ham and topped with a 
creamy white sauce and cheese

Sweet Chilli Chicken with Noodles 9.50
Strips of chicken breast pan-fried in olive oil with onions 
and mixed peppers and simmered in our sweet and 
spicy chilli sauce and served with noodles

Pork Fillet with Cider and Mushroom Sauce 11.50
Medallions of seasoned pork fillet cooked with mushrooms 
and simmered in a cider sauce and served with 
seasonal vegetables and chips or new potatoes

Bratwurst mit Kartoffeln 8.50
These famous “Bratwurst” sausages are grilled and served with  
whole-grain mustard, sautéed new potatoes and cabbage

Hoisin Pork with Noodles 9.50
Strips of pork tenderloin fried with mixed peppers and onions and 
simmered in a hoisin sauce and served with egg noodles

Spinach & Ricotta Tortellini 8.95 (veg)
Tortellini pasta stuffed with spinach and ricotta cheese , cooked in a tomato and basil sauce and topped with cheese and served with 
slices of toasted garlic and oregano bread

Moroccan-Spiced Vegetable Burger 8.95 (veg)
Chickpeas, mixed peppers, onions and potato blended with  
Moroccan-style spices and served as a “burger in a bun” with a 
cheddar cheese topping , salad and chips