News for November and beyond

posted 13 Nov 2014, 10:23 by The Moorcock Inn Blacko   [ updated 13 Nov 2014, 10:24 ]

The Jon Palmer Acoustic Band is returning to us on Saturday 22nd November for a special extra show that will be unplugged-ish! The gig starts at 8.30 and there will be a £5 admission. There will also be the opportunity to enjoy an evening meal in the adjoining restaurant which is open till 9pm or to have something lighter from our special music night menu which will be available until 10pm.

On Wednesday 3rd December, Jeff Stewart will be our performer of the evening at the Moorcock Acoustic Music Nights whilst being supported by an array of highly skilled and entertaining support acts - always a great evening!

Recent music-related stuff

posted 14 May 2014, 17:08 by The Moorcock Inn Blacko

The Jon Palmer Acoustic Band were predictably brilliant and there's been some talk of arranging a special "plugged-in" gig in November (2014). Updates will follow. Here's a few shots from the night!

The Jon Palmer Acoustic Band returns!

posted 1 May 2014, 09:30 by The Moorcock Inn Blacko

This fantastic band last played here on the Acoustic Music Nights fixture at the back end of 2012... I think! After waiting for far too long, they have finally the chance to wow us all again with their brilliant and increasing repertoire of tunes. Miss at your peril for this truly is an evening that is guaranteed to entertain! Wednesday 7th May, 2014 - Around eight-ish. Everybody welcome!

December's News

posted 18 Dec 2013, 13:52 by The Moorcock Inn Blacko

First and foremost, many thanks go to both Didikai and the Nick Dow Blues Band as both bands have performed here this month and put on a couple of really good shows. I have just received the latest listing of performances for next year and sadly Didikai are not on but I'm sure there will be unforeseen opportunities that arise next year not just for this band but for any new bands, musicians and attendees. 

Therefore, a great thank you goes out to all performers of 2013 such as the Ginjammers, Sid Calderbank & Joy Hunter, Bandersnatch, Pat Sherry and Stuart Douglas and Marie Little to name a only a few.
Another great thank you goes to all the organisers: To Andy and Elaine Clayton, to Stuart and to Ben and Liz and to Nick & Mally Dow - thank you for your support!

To round off the year, the Saturday Sessions night is yet to take place on the 28th December soon followed by the New Year's Eve Party! We at the Moorcock hope you all enjoy it and wish you all a Merry Christmas and the very best for the new year!

New Menus!

posted 21 Nov 2013, 12:35 by The Moorcock Inn Blacko

We have just completed our new menu's and look to having them ready by tomorrow (that being 22nd November, 2013). The menu layout has been changed in such a way that it will now be more dynamic - different dishes will be available from one week to the next rather than old version of having a static menu that stays the same for several months. In this way, we hope to introduce some excitement into our menu and what we can offer you should you decide to dine with us. In effect, the regular menu has taken on a bit of a specials board mentality. The menu is diverse and will hopefully cater for anyone's appetite so pay us a visit and find out for yourselves!

New Menus and layout starting December!!!

posted 18 Nov 2013, 14:12 by The Moorcock Inn Blacko

We have the intention of altering our menus for the restaurant by no later than the 1st December, 2013. Our aim is to make the menus more dynamic so that new dishes will be available every three to four weeks enabling both ourselves and, more importantly, our customers to get excited about what will be on offer each week. 
In addition, we also would like to introduce some new, updated dishes with a bit of zing and in keeping with our traditional but embracing attitude towards cooking. We will make further announcements once everything is ready for launch!

New Year's Eve Bash

posted 18 Nov 2013, 14:04 by The Moorcock Inn Blacko   [ updated 18 Nov 2013, 14:05 ]

I'm afraid folks that tickets for our new year's eve acoustic music party have all sold out so if you're coming, count yourselves very lucky. We at the Moorcock Inn look forward to welcoming all seventy of you into the new year and I'm sure it will be a night to remember!

The Nick Dow's Blues Band strikes back!

posted 9 Oct 2013, 15:41 by The Moorcock Inn Blacko

Nick Dow has confirmed that he will be back as the Nick Dow's Blues Band playing on Saturday 14th December at 8pm. Fantastic time simply guaranteed!

New Year's Eve Party?

posted 4 Oct 2013, 13:52 by The Moorcock Inn Blacko

Apart from the Saturday sessions night beginning after the summer break on the last Saturday of each month, there seems to be some talk of a New Year's Eve Party taking place this year in the form of an additional music night with pie and pea supper. More details will of course be forthcoming!

Jon Palmer comes to The Moorcock!!!

posted 6 Jun 2013, 07:29 by The Moorcock Inn Blacko

That's right! The Jon Palmer's Acoustic Band return to the Moorcock on Saturday 16th November, 2013. All we have is the date at the moment but more details will be forthcoming nearer the time. This band was a real stomper last time they played at the Moorcock and something that simply cannot be missed!

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